Postdoctoral researcher position

In the past 20 years, GeneCards ( has been the go-to resource for comprehensive, integrated information about human genes. More than 5.5 million researchers, clinicians, and patients worldwide use GeneCards every year, from thousands of institutions - academia, biotech/pharma, hospitals, and government. As an established household name, GeneCards is cited in the literature in more than 5,000 publications and holds top positions in Google for most genes.

Our recent developments (see focused on functional annotation of the non-coding parts of the human genome. GeneHancer (promoters and enhancers) and GeneCaRNA (non-coding RNAs) are leading databases in the field, tackling the great challenge of identifying and annotating non-coding regulatory elements.

We are seeking a biologist/bioinformatician postdoc to spearhead our efforts in the mapping and annotation of regulatory elements in the human genome in the GeneCards group at the laboratory of Prof. Doron Lancet in the Department of Molecular Genetics at the Weizmann.

Key responsibilities: Identifying new data sources; developing and prototyping algorithms for integration into the databases and the analysis tools; collaborations with academic and commercial users.

Skill-set: Self-motivated, challenge-seeking team player; familiarity with genomic databases; strong oral and written English skills.

Advantage: Experience with bioinformatics and/or computer scripting (e.g. SQL, Matlab, Python, R);

To apply, please contact us or send your CV to: