Join the GeneCards Team

In the past 20 years, GeneCards ( has been the go-to resource for comprehensive, integrated information about human genes. More than 5.5 million researchers, clinicians, and patients worldwide use GeneCards every year, from thousands of institutions - academia, biotech/pharma, hospitals, and government. As an established household name, GeneCards is cited in the literature in more than 5,000 publications and holds top positions in Google for most genes.

We are seeking a scientific leader who will drive it to the stage and continue to make GeneCards a leading resource for biomedical research.

This is an individual contributor position, and you will be working with a team that spans several time zones, including Hong Kong and Australia. This is also a hands-on position, meaning that you will have the opportunity to participate and take ownership of strategy, direction and implementation. 

Job description:

* Identify and define opportunities for new scientific developments, products, and services, and lead implementation lifecycle
* Identify new data sources for the GeneCards Suite, define integration algorithms and support the implementation
* Define and refine algorithms for data integration into the knowledgebases and analysis tools, including automated quality assurance
* Provide support for academic and industry collaborations leveraging the GeneCards Knowledgebase as an underlying data source and/or service
* Prototype and develop algorithms using functional, scripting, and database languages (R, MatLab, SQL, or similar)
* Work with developers to implement requirements
* Lead/Participate in assuring version data quality across the product suite


* Masters or PhD in Biology / Bioinformatics / Molecular Genetics / Cellular Biology or equivalent experience
* Interdisciplinary knowledge in many of the following: bioinformatics, human genetics, relational databases, computer scripting (SQL, MatLab, Python, R)
* Good English communication skills - written and spoken
* Good presentation skills

To apply, please send your CV to