2015-10-08 - LifeMap Sciences’ NGS Analysis and Interpretation Tools VarElect and GeneAnalytics Licensed by SciLifeLab

LifeMap Sciences, Inc., a subsidiary of BioTime, Inc., announced today that its next generation sequencing (“NGS”) analysis and interpretation tools, VarElect (http://varelect.genecards.org), the NGS phenotyper, and GeneAnalytics™ (http://geneanalytics.genecards.org/), a novel gene set analysis tool, has been licensed by SciLifeLab (www.scilifelab.se). SciLifeLab is a Sweden-based leading provider of molecular biosciences services to leading biomedical research institutions and companies. The LifeMap NGS tools will be utilized by SciLifeLab bioinformatics and biologists to enhance the bioinformatics analysis services that it provides across Sweden.