GeneAnalytics™ is a powerful and easy-to-use gene set analysis tool that can rapidly contextualize NGS derived gene variants and RNAseq and microarray derived gene expression patterns and function signatures in experimental data.  It leverages LifeMap's comprehensive integrated biomedical knowledgebase, the GeneCards Suite, comprised of GeneCards®, MalaCards,  and LifeMap Discovery®, which utilizes data from more than 100 sources. Leveraging this extensive biomedical knowledgebase enables GeneAnalytics to effectively identify cell and tissue types and various human diseases that match experimental gene sets based on shared or similar gene expression patterns. GeneAnalytics can also identify diseases, biological pathways, and compounds that are associated with experimental gene sets based on shared gene functionality. Furthermore, GeneAnalytics presents the analysis results intuitively, with interactive links to supporting data and additional further information.


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