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Biomedical and Stem-Cell research
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About LifeMap Sciences

LifeMap Sciences (“LifeMap”) is a life sciences technology company dedicated to providing the leading edge Integrated Biomedical Knowledgebase. Operations worldwide are carried out from its offices in California, Massachusetts, New York, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong. LifeMap is a subsidiary of BioTime, Inc

LifeMap’s Integrated Biomedical Knowledgebase and discovery platform for biomedical research currently includes GeneCards®: the leading human gene database; LifeMap Discovery™, the database of embryonic development, stem cell research and regenerative medicine; and MalaCards, the human disease database. LifeMap’s products are used in more than 3,000 institutions including academia, research hospitals, patent offices, and leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. LifeMap is also engaged in therapeutics discovery, utilizing LifeMap’s proprietary platform to aid in the development of products for the treatment of degenerative diseases, including utilizing BioTime’s proprietary, PureStem™ human progenitor cell lines.

In addition to its currently marketed products, LifeMap is pursuing several new internet and informatics products with substantial rapid revenue growth potential, leveraging its existing products and their large user base.


The new release includes: GeneAnalytics, an interactive tool for gene expression analysis that applies a novel algorithm to match gene sets to tissues, anatomical compartments and cells ; New "disease cards" including cell therapy approaches ; Improved display of developmental signals ; Updated developmental paths for Epidermis, Oligodendrocytes, Schwann cells, Blood cells and adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) ; 77 new differentiation protocols ; 126 new in vitro cells ; 96 new cell therapy applications and 45 new high throughput experiments and large scale datasets including integration with GNF BioGPS and an exclusive dataset of a cultured cell collection.

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